Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Adventures in Potty Training

Noah is in the middle of hard-core potty training in preparation for new baby Eli being born. I really really really don't want to have 3 kids in diapers. (If anyone has any tips on the whole pooing in the potty thing, please let me know!) He's been doing really well, with only 2 accidents this week. Today I decided to take the plunge and take him out to Target to get a couple things. Without a diaper. He usually only needs to go once an hour or so, and Target is only a block away, so I figured he'd be okay in the small amount of time we'd be away from home. He tried to go potty before we left, but nothing happened. Off we went. As soon as we set foot inside of Target I hear his little voice say, "Moooommy.....I have to go pee pee....." Off we went to the bathroom. All three of us. We get in there, and there's only one stall available. A very small one kind of wedged behind a sink. And the old lady standing at the sink. It was a tight fit, me being very uh, thick at this point in my pregnancy, with William on my hip, and Noah being herded in front of me,but we made it in. It took a few seconds to get Noah all situated and I thought we were good to go. Then someone flushed a toilet. William who is not a fan of loud noises, and lost it and went all spider monkey getting as close to me as possible. Thankfully there were minimal flushes after that and he calmed down a little. Noah successfully went potty, we made a pit stop at the sink, and then got out of there. Here's hoping that this gets a little easier in the future. Ah, who am I 3 months I'll have an itsy bitsy baby to carry into tiny bathroom stalls too. ;)

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